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Hi. My name is James Rhett Aultman. Most people call me Rhett. I keep my first name around not to be pretentious. When you live your life under your middle name, but all your records stay under your legal first name, things get tricky. But, I digress.

I graduated in 2001 from the University of Florida with a degree in business administration and computer science. After a short career in enterprise software development, I decided to return to the university to help pursue my childhood dream of developing operating systems. While in graduate school, I was a TA for the undergraduate operating systems class from 2003 until my departure from UF’s campus in 2006. During some introductory research pursuing a PhD, I applied for my Masters in computer engineering, which was awarded to me in 2008. I have since withdrawn from the PhD program due to economic constraints related to the Great Recession.

I am currently employed with Cisco through their acquisition of cloud-managed networking group Meraki.  I work on product R&D. That’s a fancy way of saying that I work on projects I can’t blog about. I’ve spent most of my career focusing on mobile operating systems.

From 2006 until early 2009, I worked for Motorola developing operating system components for their upper-tier enterprise smartphones. My first completed phone was the Motorola Q9h. I am continuing to develop our Windows Mobile product portfolio. My first filed patent was for software on the Motorola Q9h, but that’s all I can say about that.

It’s through Motorola that I learned more about hardware-software interface and I’ve since developed a serious interest in microprocessors and microcontrollers. Through Make magazine, I have also rekindled my love of DIY projects. I’ve seen this as a real opportunity to add skills I didn’t learn in school, such as the major microcontroller architectures, electronics, digital design, and hardware prototyping.

As for the rest of my life…I’m an incredibly avid cyclist, runner, squash player, and curler.  I surf when I have the time.  I also practice Japanese tea ceremony and blow glass.

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  1. Hey Rhett – Opal here…..loved reading your bio! Look forward to getting better acquainted. My husband, Michael, was also an AVID bicyclist when he was younger – and when I met him I was delighted cuz I had some to ride with! You must miss Amy when she’s on these trips…. I’ve also discovered, upon reading your blog, that I must be a “dilettante”, because I’m interested in LOTS or different things. If I were beginning again, I’d major in/know ALL about math….and then there’s science and all the research going on re: the brain. I’m currently reading “World Wide Mind”, and just finished “Tales of A Female Nomad”.

  2. Hey there, Opal! Thanks a bunch for reading the bio. Wow, does this thing need updating. I took up surfing and glass art since the last edit of this! It is pretty hard when Amy’s away, but at least the trips are getting shoter and a little less frequent. I remember one time in 2008 when she and I both were traveling for work and family and we went the whole month without seeing each other. But, she’s out there doing us proud, so it’s a good thing. I’ll have to look up those books you mentioned. I haven’t heard of either.

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